Verb. The act of being punked, embarrassed, shown up, humbled, shamed, owned, outclassed, humiliated, served, schooled, crushed, disgraced, and utterly disrespected on the basketball court.
San Diego State got jimmered when Fredette carried BYU with 43 in Wednesday's victory.

Kevin Durant jimmered the T-Wolves for 47.
by Kdurant January 28, 2011
Top Definition
The act of being smoked by the best player in the NCAA men's basketball. Jimmer Fredette
You just got Jimmered!!!!
by JimmerFredette January 11, 2011
To be repeatedly scored upon by Jimmer Freddette, with a variety of off balance 3 point shots, off balance drives, and amazing long shots.
San Diego State got Jimmered Wednesday night, allowing the senior to score 43.

Utah was Jimmered right before halftime, as Fredette knocked down an almost half-court shot.
by crushingcougz January 26, 2011
When you are embarrassed in a team sport by a single player on the opposing team.
Person #1: Yeah he dropped 49 on us and the rest of the team only scored 14....
Person #2: You got Jimmered.
Person #1: Totally Jimmered.
by Baller42 January 31, 2011
Word used when one totally makes a fool of someone else who is guarding him. This word can also be applied to someone who scores more than 40 points in a game.
Hey did you see Brian at the basketball game yesterday?

Yeah he totally Jimmered the guy who was guarding him and put up 50 points.
by Bnindo1231 March 11, 2011
The act of ejaculating into your partners eye from great distance with incredible acuracy.
Nailed her in the eye from 10 feet away! She's got jimmered!
by Dizzire February 08, 2011
To be taken advantage of (albeit very respectfully) to the point of losing and becoming embarrassed in your own home. Often used in basketball jargon.
I got Jimmered last night right up the ass, but I admit, I actually quite enjoyed it.
by SexDwarf February 10, 2011
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