To be brutally defeated and shut out in a game or sport.

People named Jim (or the root, James) lose at games and sports a lot. Just think of a Jim that you know, they don't win do they?

This is also sourced in the popular poem "The Game Is Over" by Jim Nuzzo written in 1998 and featured in The Baseball Almanac.
You totally jimmed him!

That was the most brutal jimming I have ever seen.
by James Forester December 01, 2005
Top Definition
To be sodomized, to engage in anal sex as the bottom or receiver. Can be used as derogatory remark or to describe an actual event.
1)Man, our ball team got totally Jimmed!

2)Josh is walking funny because he got Jimmed last night!
by Ske Ter July 17, 2008
What he said...
Times 2 times 2 divided by 2...
by Sabian June 03, 2004
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