A rapper hailing from the notorius Harlem. Smart-businessman turned lyricist and video producer. Gulliest person in any hood.
Don't quote me man cause, i aint say sh**.- Jim Jones, Certified Gangsters

Thats for them ice-cream ni**as. pull up with the AK and lite them cream ni**as.- Jim Jones Purple City Gangsters

Put some crome to your soul and let it blow there they go.-Jim Jones Purple City Gansters

Now be advised we be them guys hundred G's on a ride, gun on me when I drive, gun on me when i ride
Cause of that envy and jealousy...- Jim jones Purple City Gangsters
by Alesia January 31, 2004
Hacker's rights activist, Livejournal drama monger.IRC's biggest headache.

Usually used to describe IRC hackers
"Kickban him, he is trying to JimJones his way back in the channel"
by karri January 16, 2004
A rapper who was originally famous for We Fly High. He is now famous because of Pop Champagne. Jim Jones is amazing.
That Jim Jones is hott.
by Kindahl February 11, 2009
Tight rapper with some crazy/mad skillz. (Represents Dipset)
"Since I made a gang of bucks
No, i aint been hangin much
Still slide through, fly coops
And the chains is plush
Keep the bang in tuck
In case i gotta bang a fuck

-certified gangsters
by Da greatest July 28, 2004
a blunt containing marijuana, lsd, and cocaine.
Holy shit ive never been so fucked up as when we smoked that jim jones
by cody December 02, 2004

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