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A friendship in which one person, male or female establishes some form of attraction with their friend I.e falling in love, liking someone more than a friend. Most jilted friendships end in a negative outcome for the jiltee (the person with the feelings). This is due to internal factors such as jealousy when seeing their "beloved" friend hanging out with others of the oppposite sex or dating them. Being the jiltee is harmful socially as well because as one wastes their time hanging out and hoping their friend they like with their common interests might eventually like them back and date them they lose out on many opportunities to have dated others whom may have liked them which actually were looking for the origional desired purpouse of having a relationship and not friendship. The end result is one friend breaking the friendship with the other because things got weird or they don't share common feelings of being more than just friends. This then leaves the jiltee lonley realizing they wasted their time and should have taken the opportunity to have dated others and missing out on the chance of having probably had a relationship and been married even so by that time.
Ken is in a jilted friendship with his friend Tara. Because of this Natalie will never be able to date her crush Ken as he perceives himself not to be a single person cause of Tara.
by Canubeleivethis November 26, 2009
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