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A nick name for possibly the most awesome girl you could ever meet. Jilly Bean is always there for her friends, whether they need money or a hug. She will give you the shirt off her back.
You're such a Jilly Bean, thanks.
by Crozby June 12, 2008
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The greatest friend in the world. Sometimes blunt, but often a great girl. I want her to see this.
Me: Jilly Bean?
Jill: Yes?
Me: You're great..
Jill: =)
by BCFACEBOOK September 21, 2011
An awesome, cool, cute girl named Jill.
Guy #1: "Hey, there's that hot girl Jill!"
Guy #2: "Yo Jillybean! Wait up!"
by Jellian March 03, 2011

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