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Jillian's are the most adorable girls you have ever met. They have an irissistable smile that brightens your day. Other girls desire her elegance and class. They are the sweetest most genuine girls you will encounter. Don't miss understand this sweetheart for a push over, this chick will tell you what's on her mind! Jillians have a strong sense of morals and values. Their moral compass always points north and leads others in the same direction. Can be used as a verb, noun, and adjective (as diverse and multitasking as the girl herself).
Noun: I wish I was surrounded by Jillans.

Verb, Past tense: Man that girl saved my ass today, she Jillaned me big time.

Adjective: you're the most Jillan girl I've ever met, a rose among weeds.
by Cactus peeps January 27, 2013
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