An extention of the word G. If it is cooler, or more magnificent than being G, it is jihad.
1) Dude that was so G!!!
Nah fool, that was jihad!

2) I look like such a jihad.
by Korvin May 15, 2007
One of those insane shits, the ones that burn your ass hole upon leaving.
"Don't make me do a jihad on your face!"
by Vicster May 25, 2005
Just In Her Ass Dude
Ugly Bitch: Hey baby, wanna fuck
by SRPWRX November 05, 2005
1. when you've had enough and you are going to blow

2. When your standing next to someone with a bomb
Girl: This bank line is so damn long I am about to Jihad!
by Roxification July 13, 2005
A word meaning "journey" which was manipulated to mean "holy war" in the times just before the crusades when several muslim sects banned together to attempt to force christians out in order to expand their own territory, thus resulting in a christian "holy war" or crusade.
Although jihad has been contorted into a word simply meaning "killing christians" to extremist muslims it once actually meant something.
by Pirogoeth August 05, 2003
Ghetto slang for an act of aggression.
I was just asking if he could spare a little cash and he done jihad my ass.
by derTeufel September 15, 2005
Basically a Muslim ass-raping people in a really cowardly, asshole-raghead kinda way. People say it means a struggle for good, yeah, a struggle for good as in strapping a C4 to yourself. On the hole though, they are pretty stupid and cowardis. No offense or anything.
Jackass: I'm a jihad
n00b: Yeah, no way
by Razgriz April 15, 2006

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