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A wonderful medley of fermented Guantanamo Bay sewage, inhaled for it's dissociative effects. Often an inmate's desperate attempt to be on drugs.
I swear that this Jihad Juice is better than last weeks batch. I can not wait to get high
by robroblin March 25, 2011
A foul tasting/smelling blend of blood, anal secretions, shit, semen, and sweat created when a man (usually a jihadi) fucks a farm animal hard.
Qassim Aziz: Oooh, Abu Salat! This goat was delivered to me by Allah himself!

Abu Salat: Dammit, be more careful, Qassim Aziz! You are splattering me with Jihad Juice!
by shantibebeh July 28, 2016
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