A greeting used on Distorted View. *Pronounced Jig-uu.
It's created from a clip played on DV of men's heads being squashed by chicks legs. One of the women pushed SO hard that one of the guys was like "JIGOOO!" and Tim Henson thought it was very funny.
Slowly but carefully it become the great for DV Freaks and now is used all the time.
It is often mistaken for Jagoo, Chigoo, Jigu and others, but Tim Henson agreed that it should be spelled "Jigoo" and most people agreed.
Caller into DV: "Jigoo, Tim..."
Hello- "Jigoo!"
Goodbye- "Jigoo."
by Temari-fan April 19, 2009
Top Definition
An expression of pain at having one's head violently squeezed in between a woman's thighs.
Jigoo first appeared on DV in 2007 on a clip Tim played of a scissor fetish porno. In this particular clip, a bald gentleman had his head crushed between the thighs of several different women.

During the video, the man produced a sound which was quickly dubbed "Jigoo". The spelling was debated for some time amoungst DV fans, but 'Jigoo' is now generally regarded as the correct spelling.
by Ray Freak Jigoo Gibson December 05, 2008
a) An expression of pain at having one's head violently squeezed in between a woman's thighs (a.k.a. scissoring).

b) An official greeting between freaks.
Bob: Jigoo, Tim!
Tim: Jigoo, jigoo.
by Psyha December 14, 2008
A racist slang term used to accuse a person of having Jewish ancestry or sexual relations with a Jewish person. The phrase was first coined by the KKK as "Jew Goo" in the 1940's. It was a reference to Jewish seamen. Over time it was shortened to "Jigoo."

The word is often used alone or in place of a greeting word such as "hello." Depending on context it either means "You're a Jew in disguise" or "Your mother was raped by a Jew" or "You sleep with a Jew."

In white supremacist circles a woman dating a Jewish man will simply be called a Jigoo to imply she's nothing more than a receptacle for Jewish seamen.
"My sister Janet? We kicked her out of the house. She's a Jigoo."
by Born in the South September 09, 2008
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