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1) A pair of extremely large knockers that jiggle while walking, running, or other related activities
Mark "Dude, look at her jiggle tits."
Chris "Theyre so big and jiggly, makes you wanna go over and squeeze them."
Mark "Hell yeah!"
by tommy3tone March 27, 2010
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The ample sway of a woman's breasts the likes of which are similar to fresh jello. The jiggle happens when she walks, fucks, runs or dances. The waves of titty flesh appear to be beautifully linked to natural titty meat and is more pronounced with larger endowed titty's or women with large natural breasts and is one main ingredient for a titjob. Thank godness for BBW's and mature tittys. Shout out to no bras!
Her jiggletits sway mercilessly in the wind.
Those jiggletits dangle nicely when she gets spooned.
That woman has jiggletits and I want to motorboat those puppies.
When Iazia danced she bent over to show her glistening jiggletits.
I played the drums on her jiggletits and it looked like earthquake jello.
by XXXME September 05, 2011

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