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1. (noun) An erection inspired by the jiggling puppies of a particularly well endowed young lady. (Most normally associated with public transit)

2. (noun) Code for an erection caused by clandestinely watching a stunning rack of tits jiggle.

3. (verb) When an amply endowed young woman seeks to actively encourage her boobies to move and jiggle in response to the movement of a vehicle, horse, trampoline or earthquake.
1. "I caught a jiggle chub watching Gretchen's globes bounce on the bus. I had to wait an extra 43 stops before I could stand up."

2. When she realized Bobby was watching, Amy put her arm over the back of the seat, arched her back a little and fired off a salvo of jiggle chum at him.
by BoobSnuggler July 20, 2011
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