someone who runs away from life
ever since that dude got married he has become a total jiggs
by frothquah March 27, 2009
Native american slang to have sexual intercourse
I was so drunk I left with him to jigg in the weeds at the dam
by rezchick March 29, 2008
A late night out, when you just get so fucked up your fuckin jiggin like crazy. Just off the wall, crazy hyper and stupid.
"Dude, he had a jigg to many."
"I know bro."
by fronk February 23, 2008
jiggs means that your telling someone your all good (alright)
u kl?
ye ye i'm jiggs u?
ye am bless
by neecey September 01, 2006
another word meaning "cool" made by Grant Siegel in 2001. or it could mean anything (but mainly someone who is cool or something that is cool)
"That Jigg gave me some arcade tokens"
"whoa, thats Jigg"
by Grant Siegel October 08, 2004

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