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A nigger that after the slaves were freed, some 200 yrs. ago, thinks he shouldn't have to work and live off the "Man".
once a "Jigabo" on welfare, always a "jigabo" on welfare!
by safeways squirrel February 26, 2006
A ignant nigger who thinks he deserves more then white people becuase he is a nigger
That jigabo Al Sharpton thinks he is better then everyone else
by Detrell Jenkins January 26, 2005
the silliest raciest term for a black person, a word so funny that you laugh even if you don't know what it means and the appear as a complete raciest
look at that jigabo- phil
what, (laughing out loud repeating the word)-joe
dude it means nigger- phil
o shit- joe
by kkkiiilllllleeerrr January 18, 2010