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An uncommon Chinese name. It has many different meanings.

a) "really really awesome guy"
b) "Pussy magnet", or

c) "Bad Chinese Dude"

There are also some specimen who have the surname Liu. Those blessed with these Names have a truly magnificent dong. They usually hang around hot chicks.
Girl: Omg, Jieke pounded me so hard last night. It still hurts like hell.

Other Girl: See! I told you! I couldn't walk for 3 straight days.


Some Guy: SCREW HIM! He stole my girlfriend. I'm goin' to kill him!

Reasonable Guy: Stop right there! It's Jieke! You don't want to end up with your shoe sticking up your ass!

Some Guy: Damn you're right! Didn't recognize him at the first glance. Let's treat him a beer!
by Not_Jieke February 19, 2010

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