A jick is a jerk mixed with a dick or prick.
Ashley can't count. She's such a jick.
by punkie078 October 05, 2005
1 A Jerk-hick.
2 Someone or something that screws you over, usually in Super Smash Brothers.
3 The act of screwing someone over.
4 A good website made by lazy bums.
To screw someone over.
Past: Jicked
1. "You're such a jick Tym"
2. Pokefloats is such a jick.
3. That jick cost me the Game.
4. Hey Alex, have you seen the new Jick cartoon, its only four months old?
V. You edge-camper, you jick everyone.
by Crowbar December 29, 2004
Jewish Dickhead
dude, you're such a jick
by lz April 05, 2004
A random motion... usually done in a time of confusion or hyperness.
Syco jicks just a bit...
by Ben November 15, 2004
Being a jerk and a dick at the same time
Dude quit being such a jick all the time!
by Ndisbelief June 14, 2015
A janky dick. More than just a portmanteau, jick's phonetic quality emphasizes the harsh reality of living with or in the presence of a janky dick or "jick".
"I was very attracted to Brian until I laid eyes on his jick."
"I thought I smelled old pickles, but alas it was just your jick."
"After three weeks in the wilderness, I was beginning to develop a serious case of jick."
by rickthejick March 02, 2015

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