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Worthless chatter
See Matrix Reloaded for jiba jaba
by RatchetBoo August 04, 2003
17 5

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When jackasses talk way to damn much!
Yo I wish Bob would shut the hell up with all that jibaj jaba
by J.R. October 20, 2003
36 14
what you shouldn't do in front of Mr. T, or he'll throw you helluva far, foo'!
Stop that jiba jaba, foo'(s)!
by Jiub May 24, 2003
22 6
Often quoted by Mr. T from A-Team fame.
"Instead of leaving for this funky fresh party, my friends just want to hang out and talk...all I hear is a buncha' JibaJaba"

"Fool..if you keep up with tha' JibaJaba, I'm gonna bust yo ass ninja style"
by Earl Monroe July 23, 2004
12 3