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When jackasses talk way to damn much!
Yo I wish Bob would shut the hell up with all that jibaj jaba
by J.R. October 20, 2003
36 14

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what you shouldn't do in front of Mr. T, or he'll throw you helluva far, foo'!
Stop that jiba jaba, foo'(s)!
by Jiub May 24, 2003
22 6
Worthless chatter
See Matrix Reloaded for jiba jaba
by RatchetBoo August 04, 2003
17 5
Often quoted by Mr. T from A-Team fame.
"Instead of leaving for this funky fresh party, my friends just want to hang out and talk...all I hear is a buncha' JibaJaba"

"Fool..if you keep up with tha' JibaJaba, I'm gonna bust yo ass ninja style"
by Earl Monroe July 23, 2004
12 3