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a nice friendly girl with fun hair to pull. The term "jiahui" is usually used to describe a blur yet nice girl, or someone who falls for the same prank twice. a "jia hui" is usually a good friend to have
Aww don't you love that girl! She is so jia hui-ish.
HAHA! That girl is a jia hui! She fell for the same prank twice!
by PineappleTart June 19, 2011
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The word is usually to describe a girl who has a dumb appearance and fails every class test. But, when it comes to exam she will shock you by topping the class.
A crazy fan girl that will stop at nothing to make sure that her favorite band wins. Very blur and always pisses her teachers and friends off but overall a great friend to have and very fun to smack. Her stamina sucks but surprisingly really good at shooting. Very easy prank target and sucks at comebacks. Always has her troubled face ready for math lessons.
That girl fell for that prank again she is such a jia Hui .
She just gave her math teacher a heart attack , that must be jia Hui !
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used to describe extremely spastic and retarded girls. They have a weird laughter, and have big butts. She is usually very violent, and loves to eat fruits. ; a healthy freako. Always think she is smart, and does not love to study. Get distracted easily.
Stop being so jiahui! ; Start being like jiahui!
by uhmberland August 04, 2009
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