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usually a person's name (unisex), and literally means: Blooming Wisdom.
often referred to as a mysterious enigma &/or an intellectual genius &/or a person possessing superhuman physical properties/abilities
Man, have you seen that movie? This guys a freakin Ji Young.
by reachNirvana July 17, 2010
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N. A girl who plays tennis and has a problem with turtles and cheese.

V. To play gunbound for more than 5 hours a day.

ADJ. Studies for ridiculous amounts for time.

ADV. Ferocious

N2. Risa's best friend

N3. Tim is cool.

N4. A rare type of person who likes a Ice mobile.
N. Why are you so jiyoung. Pet the turtle already, eat some cheese, and stop being so good at tennis!

V. I jiyounged today XD.

ADJ. Wow dude. Jiyoung Jim got a freaking 101% on the test.

ADV. That is one jiyoungly made ice cream tower.

N2. I'm Jiyoung, Risa's best friend!

N3. Gosh Jiyoung why are you so cool?

N4. Any Jiyoung fails at gunbound. XD (i own ur JD)
by by: Cool kid August 13, 2008

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