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Jhuty(s): This group of people are possibly the most ugliest in the world. Yes, they originate from India, where gorgeous Bollywood stars and other great looking people are born, but they are most definitely a different type of breed. When God made the Jhuty's it is said he took the leftover scraps of garbage to create them. He made these people so that other's learn life lessons, as you'll hear many people on the streets of India saying "At least I'm not a Jhuty." The individuals of this group have long chins, pointy noses, fat faces and bug eyes. By Googling or searching on Facebook for a Jhuty, you will find they are dark skinned and hairy with the most distorted faces one could come across. You will also find that the Jhuty's try extra hard to look okay, the girls will be seen wearing brand name clothing and arching their lanky body in pictures to make them look like they have 'curves,' (while they are showing no more than their bloated looking bellies) while the boys will be seen wearing various brand name clothing and holding dollar bills in their hands, probably what they got from their mama and papa.
Guy 1 says: "Man that girl at the club last night hitting on you was the ugliest I've seen by far!"
Guy 2 says: "Yeah I know man, she's probably a Jhuty!"
by Rajkumari June 12, 2013