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Americanized as "Jessica", this young woman is no carbon copy. The chameleon in a crowd, she is ever changing in style but always ahead of the game. Artistic and creative, she expresses herself through words, song, dance and art but at times can be dark and introverted. She has a knack for bright colors, things that catch the eye and prefers to lead rather than follow. A great listener and a constant dreamer, sometimes she finds medication for ADD is helpful. Don't cross her- she has the sting of a scorpion and will fight to the death for her family and best friends.
supermodel Jhesika (Jhesika Menes)
by daisy shark February 03, 2010
another way to spell jessica.
famous people, celebrities with the name "jhesika":
fashion model Jhesika Menes
American painter Jhesika Thompson
by k_geis February 09, 2010
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