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a chinese pear-carrot (a person not of chinese orentation that looks chinese with a pair-shaped torso and legs that seem too small for their body) Also, be on the lookout for odd looking eyebrows, one lop-sided eye, and ugly self-pictures.
Often found guilty of man-eating (or stealing) and fearing small children or anorexics (they dont like the skinnies).
Usually a red/brown hair color and lack heighth (typically short).
May try to disguise herself with a dyke-like hair cut and attend deathcore shows. Also often found at malls.
But do not be fooled. Bitch will steal yo man.
Uses texting to trick guys into meeting them in public places and lying about them.
Greatest weakness is realization of her true idenity.
so if you spot a jherri, spread the word to the crowd.
remember save the boyfriends!!!
angry anorexic: "omg! can you believe that he's talking to that fat chink! Look at how ugly her eyebrows are! Wtf!?"
angry's friend: "Damn Jherri's are everywhere!"
by Sleezy Trick March 07, 2009
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