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A girl who is truley hurt , yet tries to fight her way out of the darkness shes been in. No one seems to understand her.she usually falls in love easily , yet gives up easily too. If one guy has decided to break her heart,she'll find away to break herself more. She holds onto pain and never lets go.Jhemelys are sometimes diagnosed with depression,or loneliness . She has many people caring for her ,but she never cares about herself. She is truley beautiful , inside and out. Yet she never believes it. She accepts the insults by other people and yet calls herself ugly . Others think of her as a attention seeker , and think she's a b.tch . Jhemelyns often think of suicide , but not all . once she finds a boy to love , all you'll see is a wonderful,strong,beautiful jhemelyn . Stay strong .
That is one strong, beautiful jhemelyn
by 123569909)75.5;.6(6:345,$:45/5 December 06, 2012
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A beautiful , outrageous girl who is extremely weird but contageously funny ! She is always loud outside , but not in classrooms . She can control her weird personality when she wants to , but if you've seen the real her , oh my well you'll love her to death ! but she often gets mistaken as an attention seeker , holds a fake smile , and never lets go of pain. She always believe negative comments from other people and never do anything about it . She usually feels like a third wheel around her girlies , she often thinks she's just the "ugly" friend and no one seems to understand her . Shes been through a lot , yet she's strong . Jhemelyns are sometimes lonely and diagnosed with depression, but people who surround this irresistable girl has no idea what kind of special girl they have in there life . In the future , jhemelyns are sometimes treated wrong by guys who choose to hurt her . The first guy shes ever had is usually the reason why shes hurt . They dont know what there missing out on . Jhemelyns are beautiful and strong girls .
Did you see jhemelyn ?!
How strong she can be !
by 098765432123456789098765432123 December 06, 2012
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