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A futon owned by a person of the Jewish Decent.
Jewish Guy: "Dude check out this futon"
Other Guy: "Well if you buy it its officially a jewton."
by Karl Jakob August 10, 2008
9 21
The town of Newton Massachusetts. Has a lot of Jews. Is called Jewton.
Yo man, lets go to the new jewish deli in Jewton.
by Urban Dictionary April 28, 2005
132 24
A large quantity of something, like that a jew might have. Typically refers to valuable.

Also: jew tonne, metric jew ton
Syn: jew load

Etymology: first used to refer to quantities of jew gold, which is itself a reference to South Park.
"Achmed, how much equipment did you end up ordering yesterday from Newegg?"
"Oh, like a fucking jew ton."
by Teh Achmed February 05, 2008
6 3
Along with Newton, Massachusetts, Jewton is the term used for Brighton, New York, by everyone except Brighton. Naturally, this term stems from the amazingly high jewish population; if you were to put walls around Brighton, it could be called Auschwitz.
"So I was walking through Jewton, and I dropped a quarter for fun... Messiest fight I've ever seen. Man, Jews -love- money."
by Andrew Cohen June 01, 2006
47 50