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A metaphor and/or simile to describe a situation in which one feels excluded from a ritual, function or event of interest or importance.

Based upon the simple fact that the majority of Americans celebrate christmas, while most Jewish families do not.

This phrase refers to any situation in which an individual is not involved or cannot relate to their peers, and is not restricted to a literal meaning.
Alaskan: I just got my dividend. About $2,000 this year.

Out of state visitor: Man, I hate it when you Alaskans get your dividend checks, I always feel like the jewish kid on christmas.

Hater: Oh my god, that's racist! Why are you always such a racist?

Out of state visitor: um, Jewish people don't celebrate christmas, that's not racism, that's fact. Go read a book dumbass.
by AK_L48 May 25, 2010
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