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That one chick from the movie "Not a Movie". Anyways, Really Really Sexy, and Stuff, But Also just evil.

For Example; one might make a simple joke (not joke) about how are dumb and evil cats are and jewelz will physiologically Attack them without remorse.

But also incredibly funny and has a nice ass,
Also Has a thing for tigers cause tigers are awesome
Matt: Hey jewelz, cats are dumb
Jewelz: Oh My god I never talking to you again
Matt: Hey man, I told a girl I didn't like cats
Guy 2: Lemme guess, she went Jewelz on you
Matt: sure did
by MattMiddleEasternCarSalesGuy February 19, 2012
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One of the main chicks in "lyte Brytez". hella tatted up with a nice ass.!!
aye who that with the crew.. you know the bomb one that Asian?..Yea jewelz
by cali guyz March 07, 2010
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That one Asian Chick from the french movie "Ces`car".

She is totally Hot, loves dogs, and will totally destroy your soul if you say otherwise.

a Jewelz is a very very very Sexy, lovable, adorable, badass, Cute, funny Girl. In addition to all that it's hard not to give the Amazingly exceptional girl hug.
Person 1: My girlfriend sucks, she hates dogs and stuff
Person 2: Sorry to hear that bro, I have a Jewelz
Person 1: Damn, your lucky
Person 2: Yeah I know
by JoeTheMovieWatcher February 26, 2012
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