An insult which has no particular relevance whatsoever to its actual meaning "Bag of jews", its mainly used in the same directory as 'Ass' ass
Hussam: ur an ass head

Moh: jewbag.
by Iraqi-predator August 13, 2010
Commonly referred to as nathan or omnxbeast, this strange creature likes penis and dildos. Very rare, with a bad temper especially when playing basketball. Also a very big gamer.
by Landon Summers February 24, 2009
a bag full of jew like qualities
you phucking jew bag...
by Tha Producer Fann November 27, 2009
Another word, which some claim to be degrading, for jews
Look at that jewbag the jewish cunt
by Master Patrick Claire Thompson August 05, 2006
An insulting name to call someone of jewish religion.
"K, your such a fucking JEW BAG!!
by Tim Shady May 16, 2005
In the 90's this referred to a Kate Spade, Prada or Gucci purse. Presently Louis Vuitton continues to reign as the supreme example though the term can refer to any ridiculously overpriced handbag popular in certain suburban areas.
Hey Sarah, grab your jewbag and let's go, Gucci's having it's 5% off Christmas sale.
by dover.snarker August 15, 2008
The jewish antics of people of middle-eastern descent, namely people with a Lebanese upbringing.
Such Jewish acts are: eating figs and dates when you are now in a country where Doritos and Twinkies at every corner market.
"What did you pack for lunch, Jewbag? Gefilte fish? You going to wash that crap down with some Manischewitz wine?Get a life, Eli. Have a Ding-dong. Jesus, why do I have to be stuck with the damn jew? I'm going home early. I hate this job."
by Frank Hotdog November 11, 2006

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