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A hebrew vagina
" Dude, after shabbas I went and got me a piece of that fine ass jewbagel "
by OracleofDelpi June 27, 2014
A person is a stingy and is also an asshole about it.
Person one: Hey can I have that?
Jewbagel: No you can't have that its mine! Get your own! Are you homeless or something? Go get a job!
by dgamerx October 12, 2011
jewbagel usually refers to a jew who is overly obsessed with bagels. mainly a jew who can name every bagel known to man. poppyseed ,b lueberry strawberry orange juice pubic chicken and nipple paste bagels
ethan is the most rediculous jewbagel in the world cuz he stuffs them in his vagina.
by junk 4 u February 14, 2010
A person who is greedy like a jew with the IQ of a bagel. A jerk or idiot.
Look at this guy! He is eating the pizza without contributing to the fund. What a jewbagel.
by Jake R May 16, 2005
having or consisting of unlied jewish qualities
of or pertaining to "bad jew"
tristen: I need money
will: dude ur such a jew bagel
by willz69 October 10, 2007
1. A person who is impatient.

2. An "upperclassman" who considers himself superior therefore his time is more important than those around him.
Stop rushing me, I fucking sent it jewbagel.
by fream November 29, 2009
a person who is ridiculously stingy and selfish, which in turns comes off as being an asshole
Bryan why you have to be a lil jewbagel cant you lend me 5 bucks??
by DJ BABU October 26, 2008