A particular nickname for a jewish person, usually denotes the fact that said jewish person eats a fuckload of bagels and rubs the cream cheese all over his chest and then masturbates.
Him:Hey look at that jew bagel
You:Eww he's masturbating with cream cheese
#jew #bage #l breakfast #jewish #hitler
by iwubjewbagels March 27, 2008
Top Definition
A nickname for Jews who happen to eat a lot of bagels. Non-Jews find this cute, while the Jew in question often finds himself feeling sad.
Dude: Hey, there's Jew Bagel!
#jew #bagel #bread #jewish #rabbi #sad
by Adam Cecil May 29, 2006
1.) A really delicious bagel from Einstein's Bagels.

2.) One who is being really stingy or whiney.
1.) Man, this jewbagel is fantastic with the cheese of cream!

2.)a. Chad: "No, seriously, you guys, my leg hurts! I was mauled by a tiger!"

Bob: "Shut up, Chad, and quit being such a jewbagel."

b. Jon: "30 cents for a pack of gum? That's outrageous! It used to be 25!"

Sid: "Quit being a fucking jewbagel and buy the gum, Jon."
#jew jew #jew bag #jew #bagel #einstein bagel
by Natalie H. April 17, 2006
The 13th bagel in a bakers dozen.
Dude you got the jew bagel!
#jew #lame #greedy #stupid #weird
by Captain Awesomo November 05, 2009
Not to be confused with jew bagel, jewbagel is an insult that is used when you are trying to confuse or diss that person but every other word has been taken.

Guy: What does that even mean?!!
#jew bagel #jewish #bagel #insult #jew #holocaust
by GTFO417 May 17, 2011
a person who acts like a jew
Alex: Jason you fuckin jew bagel you stole my kill you Persian whore

Jason: Alex what?

Jack: Did that five year old just say jew bagel and Persian whore
#jews #xbox live #alex #bagels #hitler #sparrttaa
by ohyeahmesohorny July 15, 2009
A person who is greedy like a jew with the IQ of a bagel. A jerk or idiot.
Look at this guy! He is eating the pizza without contributing to the fund. What a jewbagel.
by Jake R May 16, 2005
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