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Jew Tang Clan: n. Informal

A group of Jewish kids that love rap music and live in NYC. Their role models include but are not limited to the Beastie Boys, Ali G. (not a Jew but could pass for one) and A Tribe Called Quest – just cause their dope. Requirement: The clan in question was a break dancing crew at one point but it fell apart when they discovered MBA programs, law school, and Med school.
I used to have a sick Jew Tang Clan but I got a 700 on the GMAT and now I have to go to NYU for my MBA...
by Don't Hate June 04, 2006
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AKA the 12 apostles. They dropped sick verses, and were abunch of homies that went out to brunch every sunday.
Person 1: "Yo, you hear those verses the Jew-Tang Clan dropped in that mixtape a few hundred years back?"

Person 2: "Yeah bro, I heard Judas was a snitch though"

Person 1: "Yeah, he got what he deserved"

by B` Nappy May 29, 2011
A group of ill jews who smoke fat blunts and drink all day and are good at math.... They pull all kinds of pussy and act gangster until they see a black dude.
fuckin sketch balls that foos from the jew tang clan. i best not front or he's gon bussa cap in my ass
by triple s's October 18, 2006

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