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A rather less-than-deviant sex move. When your having sex with someone and you shove them in an oven!
(don't try this at home)
Hitler: I'm charged with murder because I gave my girlfriend a jew oven.
by Gunmaster45 May 03, 2008
43 49
When the inside of your car is so hot from the's a Jew Oven
Josh: Gosh it's so africa hot out here...

Stephan:'re car is like a Jew Oven.
by SmilexD8 June 13, 2010
32 13
douchebag a total sack of shit
lambgoat poster of same name,jewoven
by schopenhauer February 06, 2008
14 4
A hot mother fucker who hangs out on efnet.
Jewoven is fucking sexy.. christ..
by mike August 09, 2004
5 23