You motorboat boobs but you jetski a pussy!
"Last night my boyfriend was motorboating my boobs, and then he went down and started jetskiing my pussy too!"
by Emsa July 19, 2012
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When someone who has consumed too much alcohol passes out and you ride their unconscious body down the nearest set of stairs. Incredibly fun unless you're the one unconscious.
Elliott got really drunk at the party last night and passed out, so we went jet-skiing with him.
by mcniggleston January 17, 2012
to jet ski your missus
your missus assumes doggy position, taking hold of her wrists,slid down over her ass,pressing your puckered lips firmly against her pussy beging to blow a good firm rassberry whilst pulling her onto your face . now your jetskiing
by phantom skier February 12, 2009
What motorboating is to breasts, jeskiing is to the buttocks.
I walked in on Alex jetskiing a girl last night.
by Bridgland December 28, 2014

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