To bury one's face in the breasts of a woman with A cups while making a raspberry. Basically, an attempt to motor boat on a woman breasts that aren't at the size necessary to motor boat.
Charlie smiled as he quickly shoved his face into Diana's breasts and made a motor boat sound shaking his head. Unfortunately, Diana lack the proper equipment and he was left with a jet ski.
#motor boat #raspberry #small #boobs #face
by TopGunOriginal9 June 26, 2011
Top Definition
While going to the toilet, side backwards facing the cistern. When completed, flush the chain and vroom, this gives the impression of being in the mediterranean on a jet ski.
That toilet is not new anymore, i just jet skied the life out of it!
#jet ski #toilet humour #shit #funny #bad
by bertman75 September 28, 2010
When a girl gets wet and the guy eats her out.
sup max, lets go jet sking.
#when youre bored in 4th hour #and this is what we think of #max #annie #murrah
by i love maxwell November 02, 2010
While sitting in a bathtub or shower filled with 2-3 inches of water, let rip a huge fart and you create a. Jet Ski. If your fart is big enough you can create a rooster tail.
While taking a bath, Pearl busted gross wind and felt the RPM of the Jet Ski
#jetski #jetskier #jetskiing #jet skier #jet skiing
by Dingledangler November 16, 2007
to jettison a dewski
brooks: fyi, I need to jet'ski, so don't go for a few minutes
by Cedric Collins January 20, 2004
(1)A 2-stroke or 4-stroke motor in a fiberglass hull used for recreational use or racing on bodies of water.
(2)The size of a mans penis when its fully erect.
(3)also known as personal watercraft.
Jack and his jetski were chillin at 5%. The next thing you know, hes fucking a fat chick. The next thing you see, hes getting his duck sicked. The next thing you hear, that last one was an indian girl. The last thing you were told, the chances of him being mayor, they definitely now have grown. The last thing you see, is him riding off on his jetski.
#scratch #my #balls #please #ruby
by Dalvir916 AKA LJ September 02, 2006
A good friend or close buddy. Someone you see on a regular basis that you enjoy the company of.
Guy 1: Waddup jetski?
Guy 2: Not much, just watching TV.
#dude #bro #friend #buddy #pal
by Superman92 May 08, 2011
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