Partener of Spike in Cowboy Bebop. Bebop's answer to Daisuke Jigen from Lupin III.
Name: Jet Black
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
by Cait December 09, 2003
Top Definition
One of five basic turd colors. A foul smelling turd or squirts that are dark black and rather loose in consistancy. Can often resemble coffee grounds. This is generally an unhealthy turd, as it could be an early indication of internal bleeding. Get your ass to a hospital.

Also see, Sweet Potatoe Orange, Mid-Night Brown, Jungle Green and Rutabaga Red.
Damn!!! I just sprayed the back of the crapper with a huge Jet Black, bigger than the BP oil spill.

After emitting a Jet Black he was admitted to the hospital.
#turd #sweet potatoe orange #mid-night brown #jungle green #rutabaga red
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
the blackest black can ever be
my pants are jet black
by HIM & HER March 31, 2005
n. 1)a schmuck

n. 2)a person lacking moral character
That Jet Black straight lied to my face, yo!
#payola pirate #cool whip #shit canned #know it not #fuck face mcgee
by ronnieradio March 30, 2011
black with a little bit of blue mixed in. confuses many people.
i just got this jet black paint job for my car.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
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