This is for all the religious fanatics who, when finding themselves in a tough situation, have a tendency to let a swear word or to slip. This phrase helps when tempted to do wrong.
Person 1: Did you really just crash the car?!?
Person 2: Yeah...
Person 1: Ohhhhh myyyy gJesus take the wheel!!!!!!!!!!!
by hutillymonopumtolarodo April 24, 2009
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When one is to drunk to drive while still insiting on driving, allows a higher power to do the driving for them. It stems from the popular Carrie Underwood song with the title of the same name.
"I know drinking and driving is wrong so that is why i let Jesus take the wheel, whenever I drive home drunk, he'll guide me home safely"
by St. Jason, The Great April 15, 2008
When things go awry. When you can no longer take whats happening around you so you ask for the higher power Jesus to take the wheel.
Oh i just cant take this anymore Jesus take the wheel!
by Toffeebarz February 22, 2014
When things are so hard to understand that all you can do is call forth Jesus.
Person1: Did you hear Keri is still a hoe.

Person2: After she apparently found the Lord?

Person1: Yes.

Person2: Oh Jesus take the wheel!!
by GxLuci October 29, 2014
A sort of cuss phrase that stems from the song of the same name sung by Carrie Underwood.
Dude! Jimmy just took my cheese sticks! Jesus take the wheel! I hate that kid!
by David "Can Do" Kennedy July 10, 2006

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