The Son of God who is slandered and described in a derogatory or blasphemous way all the time. Many prime examples have appeared just on this site alone. They have included calling Jesus a hippie, saying that He led to the killing of 90% of all Native Americans, etc.
Why is He hated by heretics (or athiests) when they could accept Him and be saved? Is it really necessary to attack Him out of ignorance and hatred, as well as doing that to those who worship Him?
People seem to say Jesus Christ is a bad name and a horrible person these days.
by A Midwestern Christian March 29, 2005
-the truth

-boy people get rattled when they hear the truth

-you know the truth when you hear it because it is immediately attacked
Jesus Christ 100% told the truth.
Totally innocent and yet was brutally murdered for speaking the truth.Kind of like how the truth is murdered here by all those who don't like to hear it.
Jesus Christ is the only truth there is.

All other teachings are Satanic,period.

Jesus was killed for simply speaking the truth.
by The truth shall set you free! February 19, 2005
The "ONLY" truth.................
Everything that is not the truth is untruth.

It's a mathematical equation so simple that even a baby could solve it.
by Jesus is my lord and saviour! January 21, 2005
Has zero to do with politics or governments.

Jesus Christ taught openly and freely in the open to any who would listen.

Satan teaches in secret in secret covens and conventicles and lodges and secret societies departing his occult(hidden),esoteric(secret) knowledge.This is where the politicians are made.
If it wasn't for Satanic secret societies Hitler and the Nazis never would have happened.

These evil cults were also behind every evil Empire in the history of the world.

Their ultimate goal is to go global and creat the New World Order.One all powerful Empire to enslave us all and make us servants of their Imperial Satanic cult.Like the Nazis....only WORSE!
by : ) have a nice day! January 08, 2005
"Daniel (11:14) speaks of those who will “raise themselves up to establish the vision, but they shall stumble.” As Maimonides writes, “is there any greater stumbling then Jesus’ endeavor? All the prophets spoke of a Messiah who would redeem Israel, save them, gather their dispersed and strengthen the fulfillment of the Torah’s precepts. But he caused the destruction of the Jewish people by the sword and the dispersion and humiliation of the survivors. He also replaced the Torah and misled most of the world to worship a false god i.e., himself." (TAKEN FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT(Torah))

He could be ficticious or not, jesus christ this is confusing!
Was Jesus the son of G-d? And if so, did he have super cool powers like matrix like speed, arnold schwarzenegger like strength and einstein like intelligence?!
by Oz March 03, 2005
An exclamation on par with "holy shit!" "What the hell?!"
*something crazy happens*
John: "Jesus Christ! What just happened?!
by ZahhakNJ September 23, 2016
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