Holy god, and the the light and savior of this world. We are all sinners and deserve to go to hell, but Christ, the man who lead a sinless life took that punishment for us when he died on the cross for all our sins. That day god showed how much he really loves us when he let his only son die on the cross. If you have given up on god or if you think there is know way god will forgive me of all the junk I have done in my life just pray to god and ask for his forgiveness because jesus still loves you and always will he is the only won you can be sure of that will never give up on you in life he is an unchangable god. If have never asked jesus to be the the lord and savoir of your life I strongly recomend just saying that little prayer for him to come into your heart. I'm only fifteen years old and I've learned from my experience that God works in ways that are truly amazing.
After I went to a church camp last summer I asked the jesus christ to come into my heart and to forgive me of all my sins.
by ShawnP09 July 02, 2006
The Savior of the World. He came to this Earth as God in flesh form, and He came here to forgive the world of their wrong-doings. He is the most amazing, and perfect human being to ever walk this Earth. Nothing about Him is bad, or evil. He will always be there, He is always watching, and He loves you with everything. He went through more torture than we can even imagine just so we could be saved! What an amazing God! He loves you.
Jesus Christ is everything
by Meoow March 02, 2009
The greatest man ever lived who tried to give off a message of love, kindness and caring to humanity.

Unfortunately, SOME members of his fan club had to degenerate his message to a point where it practically became a message of hatred.
Jesus Christ: Love thy neighbour.

New fundamentalist group: Thank god for 9/11, thank god for gays being persecuted, thank god for disasters on foreign countries, thank god for our exclusive luxuries. All non-believers must die!

Jesus Christ: *Facepalm*
by sega31098 July 12, 2011
Who Bill Cosby thought he was from ages 7-15
"It was because of my father that from the ages of seven to fifteen, I thought that my name was Jesus Christ and my brother, Russell, thought that his name was Dammit. 'Dammit, will you stop all that noise?' And, 'Jesus Christ, sit down!' One day, I'm out playing in the rain, and my father yelled, 'Dammit will you get back in here!' I said, 'Dad, I'm Jesus Christ!'"

--Bill Cosby
by JBurton31 April 15, 2010
The Son Of the Lord God who was sent to Earth to do the will of the Holy Father, who taught many important lessons now written down in the Bible. Unfortunately, the Romans had a hard time believing he was indeed the son of God and wrongly crucified him...
Big up to JC who is my one true homie. Respec', man.
by Jimmy April 25, 2005
Is the most holy man that ever lived. He was born to a virgin mother, Mary and a father named Joesph. He never sinned like all other the other humans in the world. Jesus is our only hope in this world that we call home. The group that believes in him are called "Christian's". They love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, and minds.
Christian 1: "I love Jesus Christ!"

Christian 2: "Me too!"
by Aye Jayed. August 02, 2009
An exclamation gemerally used to express anguish or dismay.
Jim: Some mo fo just keyed your ride dude !


In poker your straight loses to a full house and you exclaim JESUS CHRIST ! !
by MDog221 July 15, 2006
The name of a great philosopher and teacher who claimed to be a prophet of God. Jesus Christ taught love, tolerance, balance, and justice.

Now his name has become an excuse for twisted religious fanatics to judge others without warrant, to justify intolerance, create chaos, and diminish the level of kindness in the world.
"Jesus Christ offered humankind the formula for a way of living conducive to happiness. Too bad clergy and fanatics fucked it up for everybody, in order to advance their own positions in the world."
by King Byron July 25, 2008

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