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Sandals.(Use caution with Jesus in profane senses.)
Jesus boots are made for the summer more than spring or fall.
by Light Joker June 29, 2004
Jesus Boots are godlike, they give you the ultimite power. They are stylistic, hip, cool, bop'in, and bong'in. They are the most comfortable jesus boots you can get; a strap goes over the thinger, with the tonger, and connects to the farghof which then gives you the carbon glandonate producing the ultimite comfort
"yo man, where'd you get those jesus boots"
"What are jesus boots?"
"would you like to use some jesus boots"
"Are you wearing jesus boots"
"put your jesus boots on, its gonna be a wild night"
"jesus boots, they wont let you break the surface tension of water"
"oh man, you just fudged my jesus boots"
by Ekoh June 08, 2004
Also known as "Jesus Creepers"
by Pablo el Guapo June 03, 2009
The best damn kind of boots there are
by Mike Truitt June 18, 2003