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A brutal/cruel method of murder.

1) Render someone unconscious in their bed (has to be double) via means of chloroform (or similar method).

2) Remove them from the bed along with all the covers, pillows, mattress ect. leaving just the frame.

3)Now place them in a crucifix position on the bed (arms out, feet together) and nail limbs in place.

4)Finally prop bed against the wall (may need some weights at the bottom to avoid it falling during the inevitable struggle).

5) (optional) If they are not yet awake and you're feeling extra mean. wake them up so they can 'enjoy' the experience

Effect should replicate crucifixion
you're gunna die!! do you know why you're gunna die

'cause it's jesus' bed time bitch!!
by K.J.I January 14, 2010
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