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1. Lover of my soul
2. My provider
3. The great I am
4. My redeemer
5. The beginning
6. The end
7. The Lamb of God
8. The Great I am
9. Son of Man
10. An individual who was born to a virgin; came to earth, sent by God, to live a PERFECT life and die for our sins so that all may enter heaven. He is perfect and without sin and wishes to make every person just like him. He has no memory of the sins of those who call on his name asking for forgiveness.
God loves everyone.
by JD April 03, 2003
164 209
Some dude who was born into a crappy family and his mother is somehow a virgin, some hippy probably jacked off and shot into her vag.Got killed and came back as a zombie. If he was alive today he would kill himself after seeing the cult his fictional novel "The Bible" spawned. Pretty cool guy despite the fact he tried to take away violence and wanted every one to be "nice" and that there really is no proof of his existance. He is now completely dead. See fake, phony, bastard
Guy 1: Yo, you know that Jesus dude?
Guy 2: Yea, isnt he in Star Wars?
Guy 1: Dunno, Something fictional like that.


Some Skater Hippy Christian who is a MAJOR Gromit:Jezuz iz meh hmeboi lawlz.
Normal Person: Shut up fag. Jesus is Mexican.

by Eww hippies April 29, 2008
28 74
1.Just tha most awesome guy who eva lived

2.Saviour of our souls

3.Son of God
Person 1: "i am the most awesome guy ever"
Person 2: "no Jesus is"
Person 1: ...
Person 2: "dude, Jesus just saved my soul"

by why-cant-we-be-friends May 01, 2006
61 112
Son of god,died for all of our sins so that we may live.

Spoke out against the tyranny of pagan Rome and all of their Satanism and homosexuality,child-molesting and slave-owning ways.

So they killed him in the most evil way imaginable.
Now we are living in Rome as evidenced by all of these tyrannical,evil and hateful posts.
by crying February 19, 2005
104 169
Was murdered/nailed to a cross because he opposed the Roman's pagan theocracy!
The Roman pagan theocracy legalized child molestation.
by satan is gay March 03, 2005
71 159
1. An awesome person who sacrificed himself for us, so all you people giving stupid definitions, seriously SHUT UP!! Jesus will forgive you, though.
1. Jesus, who is in fact one of the koolest people i know, well i dont KNOW him, but he's kool.
by Christian March 17, 2005
89 225
1. The totally awesome guy who is going to send you to hell if you don't belive in him and accept him into your heart
Guy 1: Hey guess what
Guy 2: What
Guy 1: I just accepted jesus into my heart
Guy 2: Sweet, now you'll go to heaven like the rest of us christians
by Andy P. March 06, 2006
94 255