Jesus, Jill or ;dfskldlfkd;sflk a person of owning. Has power of all.
Jesus ruled the world.
by woopingA January 07, 2006
Really just the smartest man in our world's history, with religion aside and beliefs cast out, Jesus was a man with the original indeniable push to "Utopia". He spent his time sharing things to inspire people, to change people's minds about how to treat others. He wanted to make human beings a caring, and for lack of a better reference, a family. Jesus shouldn't have been killed for what he did, but he was because of the same way a lot of people are treated wrong today. The second somebody either disagrees or doesn't understand what somebody else is trying to do/say, they jump at the oppurtunity to thrash at their very existence.
Jesus taught us how to live, taught us how to care, how to love...but nobody listened
by Wawk R October 21, 2005
Jesus of Nazareth, also known as Christ

The greatest, purest, wisest, and nicest liberal to ever live.
If George W. Bush is the greatest conservative ever, and Jesus the greatest liberal. I guess that makes George W. Bush the anti-christ.
by independent July 23, 2005
The incredible Raymond Harris
Chubbs Jesus just reserected you form the dead
by whiteman June 10, 2005
Jesus of Nazareth; the Son of Mary source of the Christian religion & Savior in the Christian faith; believed to be miraculously conceived by his Mother; received as great teacher by disciples and common people; preached redeeming love of God for every person; suspected of revolutionary aims as Messiah; seized by Romans but turned over to and crucified by Jewish authorities; believed by followers to have been miraculously resurrected; proclaimed by disciples and believers as Messiah and savior of all.
Jesus is nice.

I love Jesus, he is my friend.

Jesus saves, at walmart.

I found Jesus, he was hiding behind the sofa.
by Adamari May 09, 2005
Exclamation used before a statement of shock, dismay, or surprise.
"Jesus, that things huge!"
by Teh Muffin Man May 04, 2004
a made up person persecuted by the jews and used as the reason to justify every wrong thing in this world. kill other cultures, rape, take over countries, kill and the likes. oh lol and who could forget control the poor and uneducated.
jesus, these jesus freaks just don't get it do they? he never existed!
by billy gnosis April 13, 2008
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