The Way to GOD. No man comes to the Father but by Me. If you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him. You will experience a supernatural spiritual transformation called being "born again." The World and Organised Church ridicules this experience because they have never had it happen to them and they never will. If you are willing to lose your life in this world so that you may find Eternal Life( ZOE, the Divine nature), and if you are willing to die to your self so that CHRIST may live through you, then you should begin to seek first the Kingdom of GOD (righteousness, peace, and joy in the HOLY SPIRIT), for it shall be added unto you. Salvation (being translated out of this fallen state of being we find ourselves in in this fallen World) isn't just saying "the majic phrase that pays" and then you get "your eternal fire insurance policy." That is the deception the Organised Church has deceived well meaning Christians with, that if you just repeat after me then you're saved. They take one scripture out of context and forget what the rest of the scriptures say to their own eternal damnation. The quintessential knowledge of the way to GOD is that He resists the proud, arrogant, self sufficient and that He richly gives His grace, love, mercy to those who humble themselves and admit how much they really need Him. Take the red pill and experience the Truth for yourself or take the blue pill and keep living the Lie. The choice is freely given to you by GOD. Jesus said: " I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep and am known of mine." All these words I've written are from the Holy Bible. Check it out for yourself!
Jesus was the example of who GOD is. Greater love hath no man than a man that lays down his life for his friends.
by Terry Rumple June 13, 2007
His birth and life was prophesied by Isaiah among others. Born in Bethlehem by immaculate conception from God to his virgin mother Mary. Raised in Nazareth. Performed many miracles. Preached to love and forgive. Crucified for all sin, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven. He has many names:
Jesus Christ
Son of God
Prince of Peace
Lamb of God
Lion of the tribe of Judah
by thedzone October 14, 2009
The single greatest person in the history of everything.
historian: Did you know jesus and Moses used guns to defeat the romans?
by The Great American August 12, 2008
Was black according to 'Dogma'.
person 1: What an interesting concept, to think Jesus was black and so much white Christian tyranny could be based on a lie.
person 2: Dude.
by Argos Gold March 20, 2005
a pretty awesome guy & my savior. he didn't consider himself above others. he preached about loving all other people and helping everyone and not judging or discriminating. he really didn't like "holier then thou" attitudes (Matthew 6:5-25). he led by example. i believe that he was the Son of God and that he was crucified for our sins- which would be a pretty strange thing to do if he wasn't all about LOVE- and that he rose again.
Christianity is the religion that follows him, and it sucks that there is so much corruptuin, ect. associated with it. Jesus preached help and love your neighbor (aka everybody), forgiveness, not judging, and that God is all about love (which is why he sent Jesus).
i think it's pretty interesting that people who say that they love Jesus turn around and hate on others based on their skin color, religion, or lifestyle choice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

person 1: so what did you do this summer?

me: well i went with my refreshingly open-minded church on a mission trip to help people in that disaster area, rebuilding homes and child care and such. Cuz thats the kind of stuff Jesus was all about.

person 1: so y'all don't do those anti-people (that don't agree with everything you say so they are going to hell) rallies and giving half your salary so your religious leader can buy a ferrari cuz he said God spoke directly to him and told you to?

me: uhhh NO.
Jesus was a good guy. && my example is in the def.
by norway_babyy November 03, 2007
a black jew who founded christianity
Jesus: "I am black, and I am a Jew"
by J-Smoove March 22, 2006
the Prince of Peace, the Son of Man, the Lamb of God, the Great I Am, He's the Alpha and Omega, our God and Our Savior, He is Jesus Christ our Lord, He is, He is.
Jesus died on the cross to save sinners, who are destined to burn in Hell for all eternity. however, "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God saved him from the dead, you will be saved." says the Bible. and by saved, you won't burn in Hell for all eternity. you will go to heaven when you die and be in the presence of the most wonderful being in the entire universe.
by wereadlfja; September 10, 2010
The man who works at the local car wash.
"Jesus, last time I got my car back I found a white stain in the back seat."
by Maggylyn April 14, 2007
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