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The love of the world. The truth that exists in everyone. The one who loves even if love is not returned.

Ok, i can see people don't believe in Jesus and stuff, and that is their own opinion and belief. But do you REALLY have to bash on the faith? Man, I can't believe how many people can actually say these sort of things.. Jesus never did anything bad to anybody and people have the urge to bash? How horrible.. People who do this obviously have no morals whatsoever and spend their entire lives mocking people and making fun of everything.
Jesus is everything, yet people are too blind to see it. How is that?
by Flare June 08, 2005
The man who works at the local car wash.
"Jesus, last time I got my car back I found a white stain in the back seat."
by Maggylyn April 14, 2007
the most famous zombie ever
romero only WISHES he could cast jesus in a movie
by Lily_of_Geeks October 13, 2009
1. Jesus was a Jewish man who is known to Christian society as a man who taught the word of God. He did everything in his power to spread his teachings, and attempt to make peace in the world.

2. Jesus - A common Mexican name, pronounced, hey-zeus or hay-zoos

3. A nickname for the one person in a group who is normally calm and quiet, but who a lot of people tend to mess with/pick on. He/She usually tries to create peace through talking rather than fighting, and often seems to love everybody as his/her family. If Jesus speaks, he/she usually only uses a few words, rather than complete sentences.
1.(No example neccessary)

2.(No example neccessary)

3. "Wassup, Jesus? Wanna go shoot some hoops?" "Sure." "Ready to get pwned?" "We'll see."
by Akairu Noizu May 20, 2008
The second coming is here! Jesus is back in the form of Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5!! We are saved!!
Jesus is back bitches!!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
The guy, whom most Christian girls are overjesused about.
Sandra: I love Jesus SOOO much. He is my friend!

Kate: Yes, so is mine! I really love Jesus.

Tom: You should probably find some REAL friends, gals...

Kate & Sandra: -______-
by Xfing May 27, 2009
Awesome Dude.
Jesus is the freaking man. O_O
by You Don't Need To Kno My Name. October 16, 2008
The spoken Word of God, or the Son of God. Died for our sins, one can be saved and get access to God and heaven through Jesus Christ. One can also live life more abundantly through him.
Guy one: Hey, do you know about Jesus?

Guy two: No?

Guy one: He is The spoken Word of God, or the Son of God. Died for our sins, one can be saved and get access to God and heaven through Jesus Christ.

Guy two: Really?

Guy one: Yes, here is a book called the Bible with some of his words in it, what he said and did, and a story of how and why he came into the world. Read it.
by TMundo July 10, 2009