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A phrase used to highlight the ignorance, foolishness, or outrageousness of another's speech or actions. This invective is designed to ridicule and confuse the target by simultaneously likening him to both positive and negative role-models. It may prove particularly effective when used upon ignorant Americans, who may be unaware that the celebrated Renaissance-era images of Yeshua ben-Yosef (Jesus's birth name) were actually portraits of people the painters knew in their real lives (e.g. - relatives and friends), and which images were not based in any way upon descriptions of Jesus's appearance found in The Bible. The fact that Biblical accounts generally describe Jesus as dark-skinned, with hair the texture of wool, heightens the sardonic effect.
If someone cuts you off in traffic, pull-up alongside them at the next stop light and yell, "That's OK, Jesus was a nigger, too."

If someone says something patently ridiculous at a cocktail party, smile sweetly and say, "Did you know that Jesus was a nigger, too?"
by Charles Chin Tao Horton August 02, 2006
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