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A saying used by liberals to accentuate the point that Jesus would probably not be a supporter of blood-thirsty killing, genocide, ethnic cleansing, or basic un-Godliness like war and the murdering of civilians.

Considering Jesus was murdered and crucified for his revolutionary beliefs in a time of war and imperialistic arrogance and Jesus' recorded attributes of selfless and righteous behaviors attributed to love and brotherhood, it seems more likely Jesus would not be for any type of political or religious based wars.

Many republicans and conservatives scoff at this saying and begin to utter delusional phrases like, "Jesus would definetely vote Republican" and "Jesus hates Muslims" and "Jesus was a white man".
"Of course Jesus was a liberal. Can you imagine Jesus bashing a black kid's face in with a rock and then hanging him in front of a crowd of smiling white people?"

"No, I guess not."
by Reasoner August 27, 2006
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