Jesus ponies are a joke name for dinosaurs. Many creationists claim that dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible and that they either existed a few thousand years ago and were wiped out by the flood or that they are still around in remote parts of the world unexplored by Westerners. Sara palin has said she believes in Jesus Ponies
Aww look at the dinosaurs...
Dude those are Jesus Ponies.
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011
Top Definition
Slang used to describe Dinosaurs, there is a Facebook page "Dinosaurs are Jesus Ponies!!"

Also, a blog about Sarah Palin states that she believes in Jesus Ponies

Should be the official phrase to describe Dinosaurs
Friend 1: Dude! look at those awesome Jesus Ponies!

Friend 2: What? Don't you mean Dinosaurs?

Friend 1: Nope, those are definitely Jesus Ponies.
by chunk norris December 02, 2010
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