The founder of Christianity. A jew.
Preached for tolerance and pacifism.
If Jesus Christ knew that so many people waged wars and killed jewish people in his name, he would have never let those Romans kill him so he wouldn't become a martyr.
by tuktuk November 21, 2005
Holy god, and the the light and savior of this world. We are all sinners and deserve to go to hell, but Christ, the man who lead a sinless life took that punishment for us when he died on the cross for all our sins. That day god showed how much he really loves us when he let his only son die on the cross. If you have given up on god or if you think there is know way god will forgive me of all the junk I have done in my life just pray to god and ask for his forgiveness because jesus still loves you and always will he is the only won you can be sure of that will never give up on you in life he is an unchangable god. If have never asked jesus to be the the lord and savoir of your life I strongly recomend just saying that little prayer for him to come into your heart. I'm only fifteen years old and I've learned from my experience that God works in ways that are truly amazing.
After I went to a church camp last summer I asked the jesus christ to come into my heart and to forgive me of all my sins.
by ShawnP09 July 02, 2006
He is the only begotten SON of GOD. Jesus Christ is living today and for eternity. He is my Lord. He saved me from my sins and from eternal damnation in hell, and He will save you too if you only ask Him to!
Jesus is Lord! He is my closest and best friend!
by rachel January 13, 2005
a slang term refering to a man who died about 2000 years ago. Translation: Josh of Nazarath. many people pretend to "love" him. they say "he lives in the sky and is looking down at me!". these gullible people are then taken advantage of.
political leader: I pray every day! and you know what Jesus Christ tells me to do? Just a little invasion, just a little killing, but in the name of LOVE and JESUS and a BETTER FUTURE!! I know you have to fight your heart to believe this, but that's what religion's all about! PRAISE!

silly followers: Beloved Leader! He is correct! i mean, whats wrong with killing? in the bible, people justified their hate all the time by saying "God told me to smite you". Vengefull, that God of ours!!! But in a loving way.
by Daniel Payne April 01, 2005
Quite simply the one I owe my very survival to. Say what you will about him but I'm going to follow him and love him to the very end. He died for you. You may hate him but he loves you no matter what it is you've done. He is yours to take or to leave. You want someone to take away your ball and chain? Jesus came to take your ball and chain. He came for the straight and the gay.. liberal and conservative.. black and white.
I attribute my survival to the seldom sought presence of Almighty God. Skeptics and inclusionists might scoff at this. They can kiss my fucking ass. -James Ellroy, Crime Writer
by Paul Delaney March 19, 2005
Lord and Savior of the Christian faith.

According to the web comic Penny Arcade, He is a big fan of fighting games and first-person shooters, and enjoys shooting people in online games while they are talking ("Chatty bitch should get on IRC if he wants to talk").
"No man cometh unto me but by...Hey, is that the new Quake 3 demo?"
by Scott Lanway April 26, 2005
According to The Holy Bible the supposed begotten son of God who died for the sins of all mankind so that we may enter the kingdom of heaven.

Much uncertainty has arisen for centuries concerning the validity of the words and existence of Jesus Christ. It all falls on what people refer to as "faith", which is most often times interpreted to mean the truth.

That which is true for one may not be true for another. It is totally ludachrist (no pun intended) for one to believe that their perception is THE way. That is how terrorists feel when they fly planes into buildings and strap bombs to their chests and walk into a U.S. Embassy before setting them off.

Most likley, we do not know the truth and probably never will in this life, if ever.

Over the centuries Christians (who derive their title by supposedly following the teachings of Jesus Christ), have been inspired by multiple interpretations of countless renderings of The Holy Bible and perceptions of the words in the Bible and thus have carried the word of Christ and salvation to those who are deemed "unsaved" and/or "damned". This includes tribes of indigenous peoples found in remote areas of the world who are literally steeped in thousands upon thousands of years of tradition and ritual. I wonder how these people feel when someone comes poking along speaking of a miracle healing carpenter that was hung on a cross a few centuries ago that was sent here by a God forced to hurt them for all eternity lest they believe in this Holy Bible and the contents therein, basically telling these innocent people that the way that they have been doing things since long before the time of Christ and Christianity has been wrong all along.

Jesus Christ is a supposed representative of a God, who is just and loves unconditionally and yet is willing to send those who do not believe in him or his son to live an eternity of despair and agony. Jesus is a spokesperson for a God that does not allow us to do the things that he does or did, such as seeking vengance derived from anger and the wrong-doings of a fellow man. This is a normal human reaction for survival means and it seems that this God that Christ and his followers swear alliegance to wants us to "Do what I say and not what I do". This God denies us some things that are within our makeup (hate, vengefulness, anger, etc.) while being sympathetic to more obvious ones (love, forgiveness, compassion, sympathy).

Most Christians believe that this is how it is and that there is no other possible way. They believe that Christ will return and make the world into a place free of anything that will do harm to the believers and devotees in any fashion...for only 1,000 years of course. Then who knows what will happen. Maybe their dreaded Satan will take over again and set the whole circle into motion once more.

For many Jesus Christ is a well thought out fable, a concoction of several vivid imaginations. Still for some Jesus Christ is a man who was real and most likely did some very impressive things for a good number of people. He may have been rebellious and radical for his time and yet spiritual all the while, but still embellished a great deal, little by little over the past few mellinia to where the actual deeds done by Jesus Christ himself have been utterly and unretrievably lost and obliterated in the tar and muck of translation from person to person and book to book.

There is no hard evidence which suggests that he was the only begotten son of God nor does it prove that he died for a cause that was tangible and concrete enough to be known and undisputedly proven as THE truth from the biblical rendition of God.
Jesus is someone who may have been real or may have been false. He may have been a person who helped a lot of people, but tales of his deeds were written down and embellished so much that the truth will never be found again.
by E April 07, 2005
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