Shes kind of a big deal, 24 hours and you will fall in love with her.
" Dam look at that girl over there"

"Shes definatly a Jessica"

"youve got no chance with a Jessica! "
by Partygirl12 April 05, 2013
weard, out going, crazy, specal, loving, making stuff up.You like to go and play be your self out going is like playing sports, wowness making up words, loves people especily boys and will always be special
Jessica is the best!!
by jennifer landon February 11, 2009
A very fun and crazy girl! You will have an automatically great time with her.She usually tends to control her anger and gives them 1 chance to shut the fuck up before she fucks them up. It is very hard getting on her nerves. She can/will kick ass once you get on her nervous. She tends to have a big booty and boobies. She has people hating on her because they have no god damn life. Once you meet a jessica never let her go because sooner or later you'll regret it so much. She's a great dancer and singer. She is the type of person that falls in love easily. Lots of boys flirt with her alot but she doesn't take that to the heart. Alot of her friends value her alot. She tries to mend broken hearts with her words and support. Loves to hear music alot. She can become a weird ass at times. And may seem insecure at times and has great shyness. But once you meet her and truly know her she's very chill and fun!
Rick:Did you see the fight between jessica and that other girl?

Ana:YES! OMG i feel so bad for the girl jessica fucked up!

Rick:IK but that girl had it coming cause jessica has and tries to keep patients.
by jessica May 06, 2014
Jessica is the one of the best friends you will ever have she is so beautiful and great everyone loves her, the boys love her too, they talk to her in class. Jessicas are usaully great singers. They will always be there for you!
Loving, nice, perfect, great, trusting, jessica
by jessicas bestie February 07, 2014
A sweet shy sensitive smart pretty girl with a sense of style gives great advice and ideas she's always there for her friends and her friends are always there for her but she's the bully's victim but she's a very happy and perky girl who loves music and singing too she falls in love easily and gets scared easily she always wanted to conquer her fear of being shy and she's still working on it an amazing singer and dancer is very talented and very afraid to show it she always knows when there's something wrong knows if something isn't a good idea she's the goody-goody she's gonna grow up to be very pretty and successful and a famous she loves to read sing and listen to music most boys can't resist but fall in love with her boys want her girls want to be her she has a bunch of friends she's interested in the paranormal and mythical creatures like bigfoot ect. the easiest way to her heart are joke music love roses mini carnations any kinds of flowers movies and gifts her idea of a restaurant not to fancy though going to the carnival movies or a beach concert she's fun and funny too. and doesn't believe she's pretty when other people say it not from her friends boys or the internet
boy1: hey do you see that girl reading a book about ghosts and listening to music wearing those awesome clothes and rocking those cool headphones

boy2: yeah that's jessica
boy3: she's cute i'm gonna ask her out
boy4: did you know she's being bullied by anthony sexually physically and verbly
boy1: really
boy2: yup
jessica: hi
boy1 2 3 4: hey j-j-jessica
boy4: you know you're pretty wanna go out to the carnival tonight
jessica: why i'm not what a boy expects in a girl i'm not even pretty at all i'm ugly
anthony: you bet your fatass you are
drops her books and spits on it
anthony: meet me after school for a beating
jessica: ok
when he leaves she starts crying
boy4: hey don't worry we'll protect you
jessica: ok bye
boy4: i scored a date with jess tonight at the carnival score woohoo
boy 1 2 3: way to go dude are going to beat anthony up and till him to back off
boy4: you bet ya
A beautiful infact stunning red head one of the most beautiful girls on the planet and you are extremely lucky to meet one - if you have a Jessica in your life never ever let her go. They are extremely trustworthy, kind, caring, sensitive, loyal, innocent, hilarious - everything you have ever wished for in a friend you have got in a Jessica
Man 1 :She's lovely isn't she
Man 2: yeah she's such a Jessica
by a Jessica lover July 30, 2013
There is more to her name than the popularity of it. The most incredible woman in the world. Her smile can light up a room. She is also brilliantly beautiful and intelligent. She can be very witty and sassy.
Who is that girl?

That girl is Jessica.
by sparky911 July 21, 2014

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