a fag who wears make up and can sing like a chick
omg, he acts just like Jesse Mccartney
by LaLa February 17, 2005
A stupid little fag boy who cant sing or act and anyone who likes him is a stupid fucking retard with no brain.
Jesse Mccartney deserves to die
by -Venessa- May 03, 2005
an extremely hot 17 year old you is on the wb show summerland and sings some kind of lame songs but is still really hot
me- omg i love jesse mccartney he is soo hot!!
friend- ya but his songs suck
me- ya but he is really hot and i lvoe summerland
by jackie February 06, 2005
a pretty boy that got famous merely because of blonde hair.
ewwww jesse mccartney is a faggot and got famous because of a pretty face NOT! he must of slept with his manager to get famous.
by jesse sucks February 24, 2005
haha where do i start?..hes a creepy kid that blinks too much and doesn;t payattention to the road instead he sings to it...he rapes terrified girls in dirty pools, has really bad eye brows and i think he has a twitching problem..
man when is that jesse mccartney video gunna come back....its my favorite
by jesses uhh biggest fan!:S February 15, 2005
A shitty fag that should die, he plays horrible music fit for pathetic High School girls, that don't realize how womanly he is. He has no balls and should be head butted in the ovaries.
Jesse McCartney is like Aaron Carter's faggy ass.
by Kickass Brandon Smith September 09, 2006
an ugly blonde haired idiot who can't sing and has no talent once so ever and who has 12 year old girls going crazy.
girl 1: omg jesse mccartney is just so hawt omg!
girl2: no he's no u are obviously blind u stupid idiot.
by blue_orchid August 06, 2006

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