Jesse is an individual, a person who just wants to live life the way he wants. Someone who knows what he wants, pays attention to the signs and finds the love in the eyes of another interesting individual. Jesse's are known as gods looking to find their goddess mainly by the name Alexandra or Lexie. Hippie to the death and a always a cool dude. He's got his name written all over the stars and will never end up alone. Jesse's typically tend to get confused and somtimes trys to ignore the things he knows he shouldnt have, but once he see's them again the water and air tend to collide to create somthing so very wonderful. He's the sunshine to the world and loves a girl who's has the same type of wavelength, his love is immortal and the stars are no lie, your supposed to be with her or bad things will happen..
stranger- hey Alexandra(Lexie) who is that?
Alexandra- it's jesse
Stranger- go talk to him

Alexandra- fate will do that, it's written in the stars

* where supposed to be together *
by Thedayhemetabellydancer July 02, 2012
Top Definition
a complete pimp/stoner who everyone likes and who gets all the girls
That Guy Is Definantly A Jesse..
Oh Man What A Jesse!

by Jesse Cumor November 23, 2006
extremly amazing. very fly. person who is very loved <3 (:
dude, your such a jesse.
by jes doy July 29, 2007
Litteral Meaning- God exists.

Anyone named Jesse will never die a virgin. '

A very manly man.
DUDE! Jesse is an amazing person!
by JesseJJJ November 29, 2007
A kind boy who knows just what to say and when to say it. Often boys with this name end up charming any girl who they come in contact with. Sweet and innocent he is the perfect boy. Always lovable and caring.
"My dear friend Jesse is so amazing."
by Capri Desotelle June 15, 2008
The most amazing guy any girl could ever ask for.He's always there when u need him.He has the most gorgeous smile you have ever seen.He always knows how to make u smile even when your day isnt the best.He's the greatest guy there is out there!!
Jesse: The most wonderful guy in this entire world!
by Future Mrs.Fountain August 28, 2008
A name for a boy who is unlike anyone else. He is extremely good looking, popular, funny, intelligent, athletic, musically inclined, and will understand you completely. All he wants to do is enjoy life without stress or worry. No one can compare to a Jesse. Though he may be misunderstood by many, he is loved by those who do understand him. If you are one to be close to a Jesse, consider yourself lucky because not many are. Everyone should have the chance to get to know a Jesse. They are truly amazing.
That boy is incredible. He must be a Jesse.
by Kool Cookie August 05, 2011
an outrageously wild specimen that will make your wildest dreams come true
Did I tell you about Jesse? He gave me the night of my life last night!
by anonymous3763978 September 02, 2006
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